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Is Psychotherapy Cost Effective?

Psychotherapy can feel expensive in terms of time, money, and energy spent for many patients.  Fortunately, an exhaustive new study by The Group for The Advancement of Psychiatry has demonstrated that it is indeed worth the time and money.

Leaving a person’s condition untreated not only has costs in terms work functioning, substance abuse problems and increased medical expenses, but also costs in terms of personal anguish, increased marital difficulties, decreased immune system and increased child rearing difficulties. Unfortunately, despite the fact that 50% of the population needs to see a therapist or counselor at some point in their lives, there are often many obstacles to receiving treatment.  Denial, ignorance, and prejudice against those that seek treatment all play a part in mental conditions being undertreated. Furthermore, unlike skin cancer or a broken leg, responsiveness to treatment can vary greatly from patient to patient.  Many therapists use widely differing techniques as well, and the quality of treatment can vary widely from novice to experienced clinicians, all making some patients wonder whether treatment is helping at all.

Study after study shows that patients who receive treatment end up spending less money on the costly aspects of their conditions, making their counseling cost effective.  Anxiety disorders, for example, account for 31% of all mental health costs.  Those that receive psychotherapy have better outcomes and suffer from fewer symptoms than those that are maintained on medication alone.  They also utilize fewer medical services, abuse fewer substances, and miss work less often – saving money as a result.  Other disorders such as depression, borderline personality disorder, and substance abuse disorders show similar outcomes when they are treated with psychotherapy or counseling.

Unfortunately, sometimes shortsighted frugality, a lack of information, or shame can interfere with people getting the help that they need. Psychotherapy, despite seeming expensive, is less expensive emotionally and financially than not treating the problem.

If you need help for depression, anxiety, or a substance abuse disorder, please contact me at (949) 251-8797.

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Chris B.5.0
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Kids are always hard and as a parent it's not always easy to see objectively what is really going on. Jennifer helped me talk through challenges/issues with my oldest son that were running through my head. In the end she provided me a solid perspective to build on and because of that I have been able to manage the situation much better. Easy conversation and very helpful.
Ravenna S.5.0
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Jennifer is such a wonderful and genuine therapist. She is extremely kind and understanding. She comprehends couple and mental health problems precisely. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that is seeking help.
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Jennifer is such a wonderful and genuine therapist. She is extremely kind and understanding. She comprehends couple and mental health problems precisely. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that is seeking help.
Timothy 5.0
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I have been seeing Jennifer De Francisco for about a year, and she has helped me so much with the unhappiness I thought would never go away. Jennifer’s compassion and empathy made me feel safe enough to open up and talk about the uncomfortable feelings I didn’t even know were causing my sadness. With Jennifer’s help, I am now aware of my negative thoughts. Instead of avoiding them, I can work through them. She has helped change my life.
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It was tough when we first started with Jennifer , but through difficult conversations and understanding some of the causes of how closed off we were to each other, we worked through it and are in a good place. The idea that we could break up is the furthest thing from my mind now, and going in to work on our relationship was the best thing to do. One of the things that really helped was that I felt Jennifer really cared that our relationship worked and that we improved things between us. I think that is rare, and always helped me not give up hope.
George S.5.0
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I know people hate to hear this, but relationships take work, especially with kids and stress. I would suggest relationship counseling for any married couple, even if it were just monthly or when things get tough. We continue to see Jennifer after our initial problem because it keeps us on track. Best of luck to all couples looking for help- Jennifer is a wonderful resource.