Frequently Asked Questions

Following are questions commonly asked by Newport Beach residents who are considering individual therapy, marriage counseling, pre-marital counseling, divorce therapy, depression counseling or other services.

Why do people come to therapy?

People enter into therapy for a number of reasons. Usually they are looking for some sort of change in their lives. They often want to live with less emotional pain and derive more pleasure from life’s experiences. Often, they are trying to respond to an unexpected change in their life and maybe do not have the coping skills to do so. Therapy can alleviate depression, anxiety, help resolve childhood issues, address poor body image, and help work toward greater self-awareness.

What can I expect in a therapy session?

You can share what is concerning you, and what is on your mind. You are a unique individual, and I will treat you as such, so what happens in therapy depends so much on our therapeutic connection and cannot be generalized. You will have my empathy and unconditional acceptance of you as a person, no matter what you are feeling. Most sessions last 45 minutes, but are sometimes extended. How often you come in depends entirely upon the severity of your distress and how often you would like to come in.

When will I feel better?

Most people come to a therapist because they are psychologically in pain. Many people feel some immediate relief after their first consultation. But because everyone is different and each situation is unique, I cannot give a definite timeframe. However, we should have a better idea after your initial consultation. In many cases, people experience the benefits of therapy early in treatment. Again, the goal is to get clients feeling better as quickly as possible.

What will we talk about?

We will talk about whatever is important to you and whatever is on your mind. It is most important for me to understand how you experience your emotional life. Usually, as you become comfortable with the process you have no shortage of topics that you want to discuss.