About Jennifer


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in couples who are no longer getting along and want to feel better now.  My goal is to improve communication while reducing anger, resentment, and negativity. I also specialize in improving relationships when only one person in the relationship is willing to come to counseling. I have experience in couples therapy, relationship therapy, individual therapy, depression counseling and divorce therapy, helping individuals and couples bring connectedness and happiness back to their lives.

I was licensed as a psychotherapist in 2004.  With over twenty years experience as a clinician, and a graduate from the University of Southern California with degrees in Pubic Administration and Social Work, I work with a broad spectrum of individuals. I have dedicated myself to the mental well-being of all of my clients, helping them overcome their hardships and learn to have meaningful personal relationships. I honor the uniqueness of each client; using an eclectic, psychodynamic based approach and with unconditional positive regard, I help my clients resolve current problems and resolve longstanding patterns.

I am bilingual in Spanish, and am comfortable working with diverse ethnic populations. I have conducted workshops throughout Newport Beach and the Orange County area including Divorce Recovery, Child Abuse Reporting, and Improving Relationships.

Jennifer De Francisco headshot

It’s time to start getting back to happiness.

My Approach to Therapy

You are a unique individual and there is no one else in the world like you. I want to know you, your history, and your troubles. I use an eclectic, psychodynamic based approach and have unconditional acceptance of you as a person, no matter what is going on, no matter what has happened. Studies show that as high as 90% of people who go through psychodynamic counseling claim significant, long-term improvements in their mental health.

Through developing a positive, therapeutic relationship, together we interpret what is going on, both in your life and in the session, creating a better awareness that you take out into the world.

The most important thing is that we get you feeling better as soon as possible.

In marital therapy, I customize my approach based on each couple’s needs, with an emphasis on Attachment Theory and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. This method improves your empathy toward each other and your emotional responses toward each other. Most importantly, we break the destructive emotional cycles that cause the fighting and pain that we often cannot get ourselves out of alone.

My Purpose

Every patient is a person, not a problem. Your situation is unique and cannot be solved with a cookie-cutter approach. I will take my expertise helping people work through their issues, and we will work together to understand your feelings and where you need to go. You don’t have to be alone – I will be available to you as the personal advocate for your mental health.