Couples Counseling: Get Help before it is Too Late!

Every patient is a person, not a problem. Your situation is unique and cannot be solved with a cookie-cutter approach. I will take my expertise helping people work through their issues, and we will work together to understand your feelings and where you need to go. You don’t have to be alone – I will be available to you as the personal advocate for your mental health.

Are you experiencing any of the following issues?

  • There has been an affair. Help!
  • Why is my spouse so distant and cold?
  • I am sick of feeling taken for granted…I WANT to feel loved and cherished.
  • We are like roommates.  There is no passion.
  • We fight all the time.  Over the same things. Or nothing at all.
  • I feel like leaving my partner but I don’t know what to do.
  • We cannot communicate well at all.
  • I feel disconnected…we hardly talk.

Qualified Couples counseling is different than individual therapy

Most therapists have the best of intentions, and the majority are competent and qualified as individual counselors.  Unfortunately, couples counseling requires a completely different therapy. A counselor can do MORE HARM than good if they are inexperienced or simply trying use individual therapeutic techniques with a couples.

Choosing an experienced couples counselor

I have been practicing for over 22 years, and am dedicated to helping couples and improving their relationships through couples counseling. 

I am experienced with the dynamic of making couples whole and healthy again. 

I have helped countless couples feel better, and specialize in resolving the complicated issues couples face, including partners that have additional issues such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, or grief. Being active and directive, as well as promoting empathy and communication is most effective. 

In my practice, I have seen countless couples work through their issues and become stronger, more connected, and loving than they ever were.

You have probably thought about calling for months, even years.

You can feel better, and the time might be now.​

How does couples therapy with Jennifer work?

By the time you are looking for a couples therapist, you problems most likely have been severe for six months to a year, and have reached a breaking point. The times that were fun and carefree might be hard to remember, when you were so in love you could finish each other’s thought.

Over time, issues come up over and over again in fights that get resolved. Resentment and anger build, and emotional disconnection is common.

After taking an assessment, Jennifer will use the latest therapeutic techniques to:

The list above are not techniques; they are feelings that result from work in therapy. Jennifer’s experience will guide couples through the process to get there.

Here is your next step:

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