Divorce Counseling


The end of a marriage is absolutely one of the painful events a person can experience.  More often than not, divorce is likely to elicit feelings of grief, anger, shame, guilt, and anxiety.  Many individuals also experience depressionfeelings of dependency, sleep difficulties, and substance abuse problems.  If children and custody issues are involved, then the stress can be even more pronounced. Even if it is relatively amicable in nature, a divorce represents the end of an attachment that once began with love and hope. Since divorce is so often experienced as a personal failure, and there is not only preoccupation about the past but significant worry about the future, divorce therapy can help work through these feelings and make sense of the end of one’s marriage.

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Therapy for Divorce

Although everyone goes through it differently, when a marriage ends it is emotionally painful and often traumatic for both partners.  Divorce therapy is often worked through individually, but co-parenting issues can often be addressed in conjoint sessions.  Conjoint sessions are also appropriate for couples that want to work through the end of their marriage in as healthy, caring a fashion as possible.  

The therapist can help set guidelines to ensure that there is a minimum of acrimony and hostility, and critical issues can be addressed before they become a problem, such as financial concerns, living arrangements, and parental responsibilities. Therapy is especially critical when children are involved. Children often feel shame, guilt, and confusion during the divorce process, and often feel like they have to choose sides.  Divorce therapy can help.

After the Divorce - It Takes Time!

Divorce recovery takes time-it is a process. This new transition can be scary and difficult, and worries about money, dating, custody and housing only magnify the pain of the lost of the marital attachment-never mind the guilt of being a divorced parent!  All of these problems can be worked through during the recovery process.  Divorce recovery therapy provides an individual with a safe, encouraging and empowering experience during an enormously difficult time. With some luck, one can use this difficult time to grow and evolve emotionally. If you live in the Newport Beach, Irvine, or Orange County area and are interested in Divorce therapy, please contact me, Jennifer De Francisco, MPA, MSW, LCSW at (949) 251-8797.

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